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545 Responses to Rife Machine Reviews Comparison Video

  1. Virginia says:

    Looking forward to the information

  2. Olivia Clement says:

    Am hoping there is some info or research on use of Rife for kidney problems other than cancee
    particularly kidney failure. I have never seen a reference for this use. But I am interested in all usage and will really enjoy the videos. Thanks

  3. Sharon says:

    Looking forward to seeing the difference between all these machines, and their different functions; perhaps this will clear up the many misconceptions.

  4. Maria Grant says:

    Please email me the video – many thanks

  5. Peter says:

    i’m interested. please send video.

  6. Norm McClurg says:

    You never get to old to learn, especially if you keep an open mind.

  7. Werner Juengling says:

    like to know more about the newest rife frequ generators

  8. james says:

    interested in learning more.

  9. Gary Sbitney says:

    Thank you for your continued efforts to bring this knowledge to the people Joshua. Yes please send me the video. I hear David Wolf recommend the zappers all the time and although they are less expensive are they worth it, is hopefully answered on these videos. Thanks again Joshua.

  10. Lars Moller says:

    Does electromecine work?

  11. Taryon says:

    I enjoy this info very much, keep up the good work.

  12. david dunham says:

    Iv’e had two types of machines,and they do different functions yet seem to work.But always intrested in info.

  13. Liz says:

    Would like to see how mine compares

  14. Jim Thomas says:

    Would like some way to detect ‘the best’ freq’s so I know that I’m not wasting my time on a lot of freq’s with no hits.

  15. Lauren says:

    Hi, Can you send the link again, I keep coming back to this page. Looking forward to it! Best wishes,

  16. Harry Heiser says:

    Look to see if using a tube with GB4000 is the way to go

  17. Mark says:

    Do any of these machines cure cancer?

  18. Evan says:

    is it necessary for the rf frequency to carry the audio frequency in order for the audio frequency to penetrate the body?doesn’t it penetrate the body in close proximity?
    maybe that’s a silly question that has been answered before but it has been in my mind forever
    thank you

  19. Jimmy Bass says:

    Great is Good for Lyme Dieases

  20. John says:

    Send video

  21. vicki says:


  22. Tracey says:

    Looking forward to more info and videos:) Thanks for sharing.

  23. William says:

    I have spent many hours researching this line of healing, both in theory and practice and am amazed at the lack of clarity on the true frequencies Rife used. I think these videos should go a long way to put situation right

  24. WLK says:

    sure, let’s see whatcha got!

  25. Sarah Collins says:

    waiting on your email…..
    Thanks for your response.

  26. Milton Sherwin says:

    Please send information

  27. Donald Sutherland says:

    please send me the video, what a geat development

  28. Monte Grosfeld says:

    Looking forward to seeing all the videos, Josh. Anything and everything on Rife turns me on. Your videos are always a learning experience for me. Keep up the good work. Monte

  29. Shirley Emmons says:


  30. ken hammond says:

    thanks for your efforts

  31. Denise Vandenberg says:

    Rife Machines fill an important need for experimental alternative medicine. It is interesting to experiment and observe the differences among the responses of various people. I use it for Lyme.

  32. ffonz says:

    Hi Joshua… good to see and have the next step in your progress
    moving forward with this technology. Now all I have to do is be
    able to get the means to buy in to this dreamtech. Thanks for the
    heads up this is now available. Already looking for the next vid.
    Thanks genius.. so glad you’re doing all this tech stuff for us.. or
    we’d all still be in the dark ages with the pharmacon blackouts.

  33. Marie B. says:

    Interested in your comparison and look forward to watching your video.

  34. Sharra McDearmont says:

    I own a MicroCurrent Frequency Genrator Plus and wanting to see what else is out there. I believe in having a Rife machine.

  35. Mike Elder says:

    I am very interested in watching the video and i want to share it with friends. Joshua-as I ask in a previous telephone conversation, I am very interested in applications of your equipment as it applies to Lupus or polychrondites. Please send me the video. Thank you.

  36. Gerd Unterweger says:

    Can you send it – thank you so much, dg gerd

  37. Jayant Panchal says:

    Great Karma you are doing, Have been using GB4000 and the older version for last 12 years. Would like to start using the MOPA once I get it.

  38. patricia pennell says:

    good to get this info

  39. Please send other videos Joshua.. thanks and if is ok, please share with me an email address where a freind of mine with a huge invention would love to share some info with you and perhaps you can suggest avenues to share the info and how.
    Thanks again

  40. John W. Abreu III says:

    Please send more info on where and how to purchase a Rife Machine. I Live in Beaverton OR…Thanks…

  41. patricia pennell says:

    good to know more

  42. Dr. Ilyas says:

    I would like to know more about it. Please send the video and oblige.

  43. Pls send the video. Thank you.

  44. David Taylor says:

    Shoot me the videos Josh. Thanks

  45. Rune says:

    Yes, I’d like to see the new comparison video. Thanks!

  46. Jocelyne says:

    I am interested in comparing Rife machines before I purchase. Thank you for the work you have put in this so we can be informed. My interest is to find which one would be best to help with Lyme disease.

  47. Marcia Casey says:


  48. M. Casey says:

    Okay, send it

  49. Joanna Lester says:


  50. william h. rasmussen says:

    I have a pro-wave model 101. I would like to see how it stacks up.

  51. Robert says:

    I have been interested in Rife technology since 1994. I have benefited from frequencies from a number of
    different machines for different ailments. I would like to see which machine(s) is the best & the most inexpensive.

  52. Gary Lowery says:

    Anxious to see it

  53. Jonas Fyhr says:

    That is a good idea. Send the video thanks!

  54. Renee Perry says:

    I want to learn more about the differences in Rife machines and appreciate the video!


  55. Rene Kehrwald says:

    I’ve heard of Rife machines, but I’m not sure what they are.

  56. Larry Matteson says:

    what machine would Rife have recommended himself

  57. Judith Whitener says:

    Do I get the same benefits from my old rife machine (got it 5 years ago) as the newer ones?

  58. Ronald Georgi says:

    Have been using electrotherapy on people since 1969. Plan to use electromagnetic frequencies on plants to increase nutrient quality & quantity.

  59. Steve says:

    Appreciate all your work on this.

  60. Ron Shank says:

    Had a GB4000. Still do and wouldnt be without it

  61. Tom Bunn says:

    Thanks for the information. The variety of machines makes me stay out of the rife market. I would like to know what kind of improvement in results were attained by your equipment since finding and decoding one of the original rife machines. If I remember right, wasn’t the actual frequency contained in the harmonics?

  62. Tony Chapman says:

    I’m definitely interested. Tell me more!

  63. i dont care how complicated it is, i just want the best of them all,that really work the best

  64. Stuart says:

    Please send the video to me. Thanks.

  65. Val Mickan says:

    Please send me the video. Thanks!

  66. JimJax says:

    Joshua, thanks for doing this, looking forward to watching these videos

  67. Samuel Tof says:

    Looking forward to watching this…

  68. GENE ROE says:

    Bcx ULTRA RIFE MACHINE is it equal to yours

  69. Ernie says:

    what are the most effective?

  70. Sharra McDearmont says:

    I would love to have a Rife machine that can use electrodes instead of metal plates on the body.

  71. Nanci J Kersch says:

    The inquiring mind needs to know:-)

  72. Ron Strauss says:

    Please send links. Thanks, Joshua

  73. Gasper Taormina says:

    Keep info flowing. You seem sincere and its always best, to have the BEST, which is often difficult to know.

  74. Erik Lockyer says:

    I would like to see the videos. Thanks

  75. skip says:

    tk u i know it will be great

  76. Joe says:

    Yes, I would like to watch the videos. Thanks

  77. Ronald E Wise says:

    Interested! Please send notices. Thanks!

  78. I am thinking about setting up radon room with controled freqs. and timing Mike needs to hear from you

  79. Stephen says:

    Thank You for the information

  80. janine says:

    please send the video

  81. Marlin Shiver says:

    I want to watch the new video.

  82. jillyne says:

    please send link

  83. jillyne says:

    i sent the wrong email-this is the correct

  84. Ray says:

    Would like to know more

  85. Samuel Tof says:


  86. Joe says:

    I’m very intrigued by the info you were talking about, please send me the video.

  87. Mike Dunleavy says:

    I`m interested in Rife machines since my son has been diagnosed with brain cancer. However, I`ve read Robert Becker`s book on electro-magnetic fields, and some others, and I`m concerned that if one fools around with these types of things without sufficient knowledge, more harm could be done than good. How do you know that you are using the right frequencies and not in fact doing harm?
    Hopefully, this question will be addressed in your video. It would also be very interesting to hear about the experiences (both positive and negative) of people who have used your machines, as well as other machines, for various medical problems.

  88. lawrence paquin says:

    josh, been rifing since o6, rifed lyme away with 4000 contact, took 8 months for slight improvments, but slowly my servere symtoms disapeared in a couple years of not giving up and logging hundreds of hours on generator. upgraded to mopa for more power and to treat our dog buddies easier then contact as they were tick bit also, lyme is a bitch, i was lucky to score the dna report before shut down, but am scared of the power of the mopa and the dna numbers as i always have the itchy skin rashes that always appear, and last and last and a real bum trip, nothing to look forward to. seems a veteran like a josh should have the basic rife treatment guideline book out there for us rifers out here. i havent rifed in several months, got out of habbit of routine treatments, because of itching, love the plasma tube for free hands to read but to think of that itching, cant find that sweet spot. send the video to me josh. lawrence paquin flordia

  89. Joseph Dykstra says:


  90. kaz says:

    Would like more info on your rife machine

  91. Jeff gale says:

    look foward to seeing the video

  92. Jasher says:

    Hello good sir. I am assuming that you are an “Expert” in this field, so I am curious if there has been any previous research on plants with these systems. In James E. Bare’s “Resonant Frequency Therapy – Building the Rife/Bare Device,” he claims that we are immune to rife waves because our nerve waves are similar to the electromagnetic square waves emitted from a rife device. Plants don’t have nerves, they are hormonal. I theorize that a plants have more resonance and vulnerability than we do. Is there any previous study that can confirm this?
    Please be merciful on my grammar. I am only 17.

  93. Steve Graham says:

    Thanks for the offer; I’m always interested in learning more.

  94. Jack tippetts d.c. says:

    Hi josh
    I enjoy hearing from you,but i think you need to make it easyer to get the infrmatiom you are sending.
    Thdanks jack

  95. jennifer hurst says:

    please send the video

  96. Peggy peters says:

    How is the new lighted machine working?

  97. Paul Eisentrager says:

    Please send. Thank you.

  98. David says:

    These machines have appear to have great benefits for longevity.

  99. John says:

    I have earlier videos and I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new ones.

  100. Joseph Dykstra says:


  101. LaPaulina says:

    Can we trust the frequency’s on youtube? Thanks

  102. Imogene says:

    Hey Josh, please send the video to me. Thanks Imogene

  103. Zane says:

    thankk Ypu

  104. Roger Smith says:

    Looking forward to viewing the video.

  105. John Zimmerman says:

    I’m looking forward to watching the video.

  106. Marc says:

    Interesting. I would like to see more.

  107. Mary Lou Brown says:

    I am looking forward to the video’s that give us deeper explanation about the differences in freq. gen.Thank You , Mary Lou :-)

  108. T says:

    Yes, please send the video.

  109. S Rose says:

    rife on

  110. Harry Dueck says:

    Yes I like to see the video? Did dr. Rife’s machines help AML patients? thank you

  111. paul hermann says:

    looking forward to them, and thanks for your past efforts sending me stuff, always appreciated

  112. Martin Tener says:

    I would really like to see in depth comparisons to current Bob Beck devices, especially the kinds at BioElectric
    that have enhanced the earlier work by Bob Beck. The machines there seem to be powerful shotgun approaches
    way beyond simple zappers with many sound technical studies behind them.

  113. Dennis Bowman says:

    A few years back I came across information about Rife. I was sold a computer version that run sounds through the speakers. What is your thoughts are this type of “machine”?

    • Joshua Parker says:

      Hi Dennis,
      This is something I must review in future videos so thank you for the reminder! This type of machine does tend to be quite limiting due to the limitation of what an audio sound card from a computer can output. Basically, without any extensive hardware that goes with it (such as a PCI-e card that is specifically designed for the purpose of generating frequencies) they are limited to just the lower audio frequency range thus lack the entire Radio Frequency range which Royal Rife used in the 1930′s. These higher Radio Frequency machines were always the best machines. The idea of using lower audio frequencies is a newer concept but not one without it’s use.

      I hope that helps!

  114. hani says:

    I’m interestes , please let me know more about that. Thanks a lot.

  115. WE look forward to watching your videos and seeing what devices are available. Understanding the differences will be useful to us.

  116. Don Reel says:

    Please send the video. Thanks

  117. michael says:

    I love this idea.

  118. Joshua Parker says:

    Hi David,
    When you say “it was a coil” this is likely a reference to a machine common in the Lyme community which is often called a “Coil Machine” or a “Doug Coil”. While this machine is often referred to as a “Rife Machine” it is more accurately described as a high powered pulsed magnetic therapy machine. The reason is that it’s pulsing an intense magnetic field in the coil in the front of the machine.

    These are very powerful machines but can be more difficult to use and do tend to trigger some serious herx reactions (healing reactions i.e. the notion of die-off of bacteria which increases levels of toxicity and may result in feeling worse before feeling better).

    Sorry to hear you had such a strong reaction to the coil machine. Hopefully you’ll feel comfortable at some point to try another machine that might be more gentle on your intense condition.

  119. Val Mickan says:

    Very interesting. I’d like to know more.

  120. sue says:

    I’d like to get the videos on rife comparisons-

  121. Ralph says:

    I am interested in learning more.

  122. Jeff Morency says:

    I’d like to see what’s available, thanks.

  123. iris creagh says:

    Thanks greatly for all your help and understanding of Rife :)I have an Alixxor Machine – I would appreciate any info you can supply on this.

  124. Edwards Mba says:

    We are very much interested in Rife technology and would like to know more about the machine. Please send me the video.

  125. WALT RAINS says:


  126. Ken Kruschwitz says:

    I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time!

  127. Dr. John says:

    Rife was a genius! Keep the fire burning! Bioresonance is the medicine of the future.

  128. Mike says:

    I have a Ultimate B3 Frequency generator that is 12 yrs old ? It still works but what is comparible for user friendly, and maybe something with more power. It has both RF and Audio and an easy guide book for frequency usage and ailments. thanks

  129. Edwards Mba says:

    Send me the video please

  130. Jan C. says:

    I’d very much love to see the video. Please add me.

  131. heinz says:

    What about heat therapy on cancer

  132. Martin Stolzenbach says:

    I do agree with the fact that there exists a confusing array of “Rife machines” on the market today. I have not worked with, or on Rife machines since 1997 however I do believe in the effectiveness of this therapy, when properly applied!!!!!!
    Best regards, Martin.

  133. Karen says:

    Thx for doing this review video

  134. Don Waldrop says:

    I am really interested in learning what features/prices are available using Rife technology.

  135. WP says:

    I am looking for machine with scanning function.

  136. Jean Opris says:

    I want to lern more.Sen me the video.Tank You

  137. mo says:

    i like a machine that heal pain

  138. Hugh Smith says:

    The future is wavelengths and frequencies – look forward to your input. Have had 100% success in turning around people who had been sent home to die by Mainstream hospitals in NZ – part of that process, until we got shut down was frequency modulation. We are nearly ready to launch again so updates will be appreciated. Keep up the good work brother.

  139. Robert Lombardo says:

    yes would love more info

  140. Mary Adams says:

    I’d appreciate any info regarding a Rife machine that comes closest to doing what the original machine did.

  141. Gordon House says:

    I want to watch the video!

  142. Eugene Schreiber says:

    Anxious to learn about these machines and what they can do

  143. Dr.Suryakant says:

    I am using frequency machine since 2001.First machine was of JWLabs,not very happy,it was pad type device.Than started using frex computer based pad type.I am now interested RF plasma type device bvut unable to decide.

  144. mateja says:

    Please semd me mentioned video. Thanks M

  145. Keith Allan says:

    looking forward to new info

  146. JL Taba says:

    Thanks for all your hard work, Joshua, in making this info available.

  147. Ken Ryalls says:

    yes I want to watch the video

  148. jim Costa says:

    Thanks for all of your great info, it’s awesome. I am looking to upgrade my machine it would be great to get some more insight into the differences in them. Thanks again and keep up the good work. JC

  149. Dr. Weisser says:

    thank you for sending !

  150. Staal Burger says:

    Please send me the video

  151. Romeo Presley says:

    Yes I would like to watch the video. Please send it to my email. Thanks in advance for all the info.You make the greatest video clips explaining about Rife Technology. Thank you

  152. Susan says:

    Please, forward this video comparsion so I am view it. Thanks for your time.

  153. shane says:

    this information will be invaluable to me, as i am very interested, thankyou, shane.

  154. john foster says:

    I’m thinking of adding the facility to my Shiatsu practice.

  155. Kim says:

    what is your take on the Beam Ray Rife machine out of Alabama?

  156. Keith Hyatt says:

    Interested in seeing what you have found, I’ve also used Rife technology for over a decade.

  157. Hello Joshua,

    please send me the video. I am excited to learn more about this topic from you. I still want to explore and maybe integrate other frequency therapies in our clinic in Germany.
    Kind regards

  158. John Plowman says:

    I built a replica of the Rife ~4 machine using modern components but a correct Bill Chebb plasma tube. The carrier frequency is not very important, it is just a “carrier” the correct frequency is vital, the use of square wave modulation is vital. The question is WHO has the frequencies. Do people realise that the mode of operation now realised (which Rife did not) that the killer mechanism is the dislocation of the virus’s DNA.

  159. Tom says:

    Josh i am interrested in the frequencies for prostate and other mens problems,will talk down the track

  160. tom says:

    Please send the video. I am interested in learning more.

  161. John R. Woodruff says:

    not always easy to access what you send us. many times your volume is too low and cannot be increased.

  162. kingsley morrison says:

    yes you always have great information send please!

  163. Roy Goodman says:

    Trying to stay informed, have known several people who have had great results.

  164. Tracy Cseh says:

    I’d love to read more about Rife Machines.

  165. Ian Harvey says:

    I use a Rife frequency generator from Esseraudio.com on my computer which gives me up to 20,000 Hz. Is this not as good as any Rife Machine?

  166. Roy Goodman says:

    Yes I want to watch the video. Please send it to me. Thanks for all the info.

  167. Harry Heiser says:

    I would like to view and share this video

  168. Dr Malcolm Hutchinson says:

    Yes very interested in info, please I would be delighted to receive your video

  169. mike gizzi says:

    very interested in Rife

  170. Jocelyne says:

    Thank you for your work.

  171. philip goldman says:

    show me

  172. Nancy says:

    I ‘m dealing with chronic Lyme so I’d like to know the best rife machine to deal with this.

  173. Margaret Barco says:

    I am interested in learning more. Please send the video to me.

  174. Dwayne says:

    Which machine should I purchase ?

  175. Suzanne says:

    Yes, thankyou, please send video.

  176. Lyn says:

    Look forward to this info

  177. patricia pennell says:

    we certainly need to know more about the uses of this tech.

  178. DAVID SCHENK says:


  179. Roland Ortiz says:

    I like the GB-4000. Please send me the videos.

  180. J says:


  181. Mihai says:

    Of course I want to watch it… Please send.

  182. Ian Dunn says:

    I’m confused about which machine for personal use. Please unconfuse me!

  183. Donald says:

    Which machines are being yoused by by Most Doctors now?

  184. Walt says:

    Great job – this info is much needed !

  185. K Wilson says:

    interested in the diferences

  186. Peter Pinkus says:

    here a site giving successful treatments for cancer using the GB 4000? I have a friend who has one but won’t use it because doctors have told him it will interfere with thalidomide therapy he has been recommended for multiple myeloma! So please send me the video

  187. Florin says:

    Sure, let’s see your video :)

  188. mike dalton says:

    i anxious to hear the truths about Rife Machines

  189. Neil says:

    I look forward to seeing the comparisons.


  191. Dennis Hamilton says:

    I would like to see your videos!

  192. Leonard says:

    I use the Bioactive Frequency Generator for years before it was taken off the market by the FDA. It was that effective! :)

  193. Paul Piscopo says:

    Been flowing you for years

  194. Jon Etcheson says:

    Have been following you for years, Keep up the good fight.

  195. Walter B Gunby says:

    I’d like to get more info on the vast variety of machines out there .

  196. s says:

    i am curious what you think is best-& WHY
    & Mostly what are your credentials & experience /expertise

  197. Robert says:

    trying to use Rife technology in my medical practice since 2005 in Europe, hungry of any additioal info about this subject

  198. Sue says:

    Please send video! Many thanks for all the great info.

  199. patricia fogg says:

    We have spoken, and you may remember that I am a complete novice. Anything you have to offer, will, I’m sure make my search much more fruitful. Thanks. Pat

  200. Vladan says:

    Hi, Please send me the video. Thank you.

  201. Warren Furumoto says:

    I look forward to obtaining the video.

  202. Ken says:

    Before purchasing a Rife machine, I would want to know how to assess the machine’s potential impact on
    healthy cells, apart from what it might be able to do to bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, fungi, etc. Since there is little or no detailed disclosure of such information by manufacturers, why should anyone accept their claims in this regard? (I’m hopeful you’ll address this issue in your forthcoming videos.)

  203. Shelly says:

    Thank you. I have a BCX-Ultra what are your thoughts on that machine?

  204. Rex Allen says:

    Sounds like lots of good information. Thanks

  205. Keith Sikvernail says:

    Thanks for taking the time

  206. Milan says:

    Please send video, thanks. Milan

  207. Kathleen Patton says:

    I’m looking for more information on what conditions a good rife machine addresses and of course what makes up a good rife machine

  208. ken says:

    please send 1st video. what’s your opinion of the doug coil. How critical do you think the 8mh value is?

  209. William L. Kadoich says:

    Comparisons is long awaited information that is needed. Good health maintained can be expensive so
    our investments in treatment mods must wisely selective.

  210. ken says:

    please answer this question. you speak if running multiple frequencies from one output. each pathogen has its own MOR. the multiple frequencies from one output will algebraically sum and have a single resultant frequency which will be different from each bugs MOR? how will it work, since MOR’s are specific?

  211. hblair@mis.net says:

    Yes I want to watch the video. Please send it to me. Thanks for all the info.


    Grace says:
    October 22, 2012 at 7:40 pm
    Yes I want to watch the video. Please send it to me.

  212. karen says:

    I am a little afraid of Rife machines although I have used one in the past

  213. SCHILLIG PETRA says:

    thank you so very much indeed for your so great work Joshua – please with rife maschine is the best ? thank so very much petra

  214. GENE ROE says:


  215. David Hensel says:

    Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was way ahead of his time. The way the AMA pressure Dr. Rife is still the same today, maybe worse. Keep up the good reporting!!!

  216. Vel says:

    didn’t get the video

  217. KenL says:

    Cool, Be looking for the Video

  218. Terry Wilson says:

    I’ll take a look

  219. Joyce Decker says:

    Yes! This kind of information could be so insightful. Thanks for all you do.

  220. roddy says:

    I have been interested in Tesla’s tech for many many years and understand the basic principles of operation. i have always wanted to use one for family and friends but never seemed to be able to afford one. And now there have been many advances in the hardware as well as, i’m sure, advances in the understanding of the methodology of application. My hope is to become much more up to date and actually get one in the near future. Hopefully by Christmas if my ship comes in and I can afford it. Please send me the videos. Thanks

  221. Kate says:

    I run a health shop and I will like to have Rife Machine in my shop. kindly send video to my email address. Thanks.

  222. Raquel says:

    Yes, Please, I like to see the video!

  223. Vinod Kumar says:

    I think what is needed is good video instructions on the practical aspects of using Rife . Like how and where to use electrodes – electrodes vs plasma tubes – how to pick frequencies – how long to use a particular set of frequencies – how to approach the use of multiple sets, such as sequence etc. –
    Vinod Kumar

  224. Lionel Benson says:

    what is your opinion of the RemPro machine?

  225. Nathan Rabb says:

    Hello Joshua: Please send the video to my E-mail address.

  226. Sonal Shah says:

    Please email me the new video. Also, I am so confused by all the lists of frequencies that came with the manual. My husband is terminally ill with Cancer that has metastasized all over – including the bones – is there any hope for him with the Rife frequencies – if yes, which ones he should use for the Squamous Cell Carcinoma of head and neck.

    Sonal, 5O3-2O6-eight=four84

    • Joshua Parker says:

      Dear Sonal,
      Please call me on the phone so we can discuss frequencies. I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you. 5 four 1-four -34-O3l8

  227. Francis Turzyn says:

    Like to get the first video about the rife unit and best frequencies to use.

  228. Joyce Decker says:

    Great idea! I’m looking forward to it. Thanks.

  229. Mihai says:

    Please re-send coz’ I first filled-in the wrong emailaddress.

  230. Robi Hall says:

    Like to see it please

  231. Victor Molain says:

    Yes thanks. ; )

  232. John says:

    I want to know the simple, layman’s version of everything Rife!

  233. Please send the video interested in comparing machines, and direct contact pads on feet and pole in hands

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- Run up to 3 frequencies at a time – treats 3 illnesses at a time
; Connecting cables box; Treats terminal diseases; $1,499.00 from http://www.royalrifemachine.com

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